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Huey Mack a young college rapper out of Morgantown, West Virginia officially passed orientation and has graduated to the top of his class.  His newest album titled "A Boy Named Huey" features his newest hit single "About Us".  Not to mention his other albums "Bright Lights and Long Nights" and "Freshmen 15" which contain other hit singles such as "Just Me", "Higher", and "Runway".  Not only has Huey Mack made a great impression with his fans but also with many fellow members in the industry such as Mike Stud (previously featured).  As Huey Mack's new album climbs higher up the iTunes charts it will be interesting to see how far this college feel good style rapper will be able to runway from the competition.  To get the latest updates on Huey Macks's newest album or any event news follow him on Twitter @HueyMack.



It has become logical that when ever we are in the mood for some fun classic beats over some insightful lyrical flows we can always turn to Logic.  With just a few album releases such as “Young Sinatra” and “Young, Broke, and Infamous” Logic has already proven that he is here to make his mark.  Many of Logic's singles including “Numbers”, “The Spotlight”, and “All I Do” all have over 500,000 views on YouTube proving that Logic has crunched the numbers and discovered a formula that works.  So is it logical to change up a working formula?  With the release of Logic's new single “Tic Tac Toe” which will be featured on Logic's next album (an album release date will be announced within a week) he seems to think so.  “Tic Tac Toe” brings a new bass pumping club style that we haven’t seen from Logic yet but gets us excited to hear more.  Will “Tic Tac Toe” be the song that launches Logic into the spotlight?  To follow all of Logics progress and to find out when his next album release is follow him on Twitter @Logic301


Show Review - Take Back Kings/Bassel & The Supernaturals

South Park Tavern was a packed house for the Take Back Kings, Bassel & The Supernaturals and Brett Hill show.  Kicking it off with the solo artist Brett Hill who mesmerized the audience with his vocals and abilities on the guitar led perfectly into the following act, Bassel & The Supernaturals.  This Chicago based band showed Dayton some amazing talent from the windy city who encompasses a variety of instruments into producing magical tunes loved by the audience.  Take Back Kings wrapped up the show with their pure rock sound getting the audience out of their seats to rock out with the band.  Check out photos from the show under our media tab.


Album Review - All American

The Hoodie Mob stayed up late last night in anticipation of “All American” scheduled to drop at midnight.  The Hoodie Mob was quick to react when the album was dropped an hour early and quickly launched the album to number 7 on iTunes.  By the morning Hoodie Fans had successfully pushed “All American” to the number one downloaded album on iTunes all across America.  The modest Hoodie Allen spent the majority of his night celebrating with his fans by making personal phone calls to many randomly selected fans.  At the end of the night Hoodie dropped a new music video off the new album titled “No Faith in Brooklyn”.  “No Faith in Brooklyn” is quickly becoming the stand out of the entire album and could possibly be the single that launches Hoodie Allen to the next level of stardom.  Hoodie Allen’s unique blend of poppy beats infused with his real lyrical intelligence and modest style has us all buying “All American”.  The release of “All American” has definitely launched Hoodie Allen’s music career from varsity to all American status.



Already a varsity member to the game, Hoodie Allen hopes to reach all american status when his new album titled “All American” drops on April 10th.  Hoodie Allen is a self-described "college educated music nerd" from New York.  With the huge success of his previous two album releases, “Pep Rally” and “Leap Year”, “All American” promises to push Hoodie Allen to an entire new level.  The first single off the new album “No Interruption” has already gained a lot of attention, promising huge things for Hoodie Allen’s future.  Join us as we keep pressing the replay button for “No Interruption” till “All American” drops on April 10th.  To keep updated on all Hoodie Allen news follow him on Twitter @HoodieAllen.